Updating Curry Finder

The last release of Curry Finder (4.0) was is April 2012 - nearly 2 years ago. With the release of iOS 7, my apps look pretty dated, so I’m “refreshing the line-up”, starting with Curry Finder.

The app originally hit the store in back in May 2009 and much the code reflects that. Although parts were updated as it went along, I’ve decided it’s now time for a complete rewrite. I had a stab at updating the code a few months ago, but that was looking like a bigger job that starting again from scratch.

I’m (currently) building with Xcode 5.1 and the app will support iOS 7.0 and up, as there doesn’t seem to be anything in the betas to force me to 7.1 just yet.

Along with a refreshed app, there have been a few other major changes recently. I change my domain registrar from Godaddy to Hover.com (easy), moved my hosting from Godaddy.com to Digital-Ocean (I know very little about this but the process was reasonably painless), and I have this new Squarespace site, all of which I’m rather pleased with.