Downloaded over half a million times, and used in over 7000 apps, Reachability.Swift is the go-to replacement for Apple’s Reachability code. The library has been featured in a little bites of cocoa tutorial (#111), and an article in iOS Dev Weekly.

What users are saying…

Charlie C: "thanks for the great Swift 2 updates to Reachability"
sleekuser: "thanks for this awesome port for swift."
Kurt E: "I just wanted to tell you thank you for the all the work you have put into Reachability."
Wayne F: "I just wanted to say you wrote some awesome code for detecting Cellular, Wifi, etc..."
Clay M: "
Thank you for all of your work on the project."
Patrick B: "thanks a lot for your class, it has been tremendously helpful."
Jim W: "I was having a little look at your Reachability swift port, very nice by the way"